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Definitions of Fullview terms and Labels
Definitions of Fullview terms and Labels
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Fullview in-app Labels


Relates to all issues where there's a bug and technical issues.


Relates to all issues where there's a UX/UI issue (i.e user is lost or has friction point, but not necessarily technical bug).


Relates to issues where a feature is missing or maybe built in the wrong way.

Fullview Terms

Co-browse / Co-browsing

Co-browsing refers to "collaborative browsing." This is similar to a call where you share your screen (like on Zoom or Google Meet), but where the caller can browse collaboratively on the callee's screen as well.

In order words, the caller and callee can both scroll, click, and highlight on callee's shared screen.

Note: this is not the same as remote control access of a computer, as the caller only has access to the one screen that the callee has shared with them.

Session Replay

A Session Replay is a recording of a user session within your web application. When your user logs in to your app and starts using it, a new session will start recording. A session will stop recording after 2 min and 30 seconds of inactivity.

Each replay is captured in 10 minute increments, so you can narrow down exactly when and where your user encountered a problem.

If a session in 30 minutes long, it will be split into three 10 minute Replays.

User Journey / Console

The User Journey and Console can be found under the "Customer Details" section when you click on a customer's name from your Dashboard.

Here you can see the number of clicks, errors, and warnings in your user's journey in your app.

In the Console, you can get a more detailed look at the activity log.

You can also see their Session Replay recordings listed here.

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