As a prerequisite to use this functionality, you need to have a Fullview account and have Fullview installed in your web app.

Note: Fullview does not currently work on incognito browser

Learn how to:

Launch co-browsing session with Fullview

To start a co-browsing session from your Fullview dashboard, you simply search for the user you want to connect with, either by name or email.

When you have identified the user you want to connect with, you click on the co-browse button on the right hand side.

When you start the co-browsing call, your user will receive an invitation to accept or deny the co-browsing session on their screen.

When your user accepts your invite on their end, you are launched straight into a co-browsing session.

From here you can view the console log on the right hand side, or use the drawing feature to guide your user.

And that's it! That's how you launch a co-browsing session with your users.

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