As a prerequisite to use Fullview and all its functionalities, you need to have a Fullview account and have Fullview installed in your web app.

Note: Fullview does not currently work on incognito browser

Session Replays enables your support team to deliver asynchronous support.

If an end-user encounters a problem and reaches out to your support team for help, Session Replays allows the support agent to view a replay of what the end-user was doing when they encountered the problem.

That way your team will never have to waste precious time on tracing steps trying to re-create the problem encountered by the end-user.

Each replay is captured in 10 minute increments, so you can narrow down exactly when and where your user encountered a problem.

To view a replay, you click on the end-user's name on your Dashboard.

This will open up a user details panel on the right side, where you can see a preview of the last 3 Session Replays. You can click on the session you want to preview to get a log of the activities.

When you want to watch the session, you click the "Watch" button to open the replay.

To view a session, you click the "Watch Activity" button on the session you want to view. This will launch the replay of your user activity for that given timeframe.

The timeline is tagged with events, so you can jump straight to where an issue might have occurred.

You can also skip ahead or go back in 15 second increments, or share specific moments in the replay with the rest of your team by clicking the share button and choosing the specific time in the replay you want to share.

And that's how you use Session Replays to enable quick customer support, and faster troubleshooting.

To use Session Replays, you first have to install Fullview and integrate with our API.

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