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How to install Fullview in Salesforce Experience Cloud?
How to install Fullview in Salesforce Experience Cloud?
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If your product is built with Salesforce Experience Cloud here are the steps you need to follow in order to get started with Fullview.

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πŸ’‘ If you're looking to integrate Fullview with Salesforce Service Cloud, check out this guide.

Step 1: Install Fullview

1. Go to the Installation page of your Fullview organization

2. Copy the first script.
The snippet is unique to your org, and loads Fullview's tiny SDK in a 2-step async manner, designed to avoid any load on your side.

3. Go to Salesforce and in Experience Builder, click βš™οΈSettings | Advanced

4. Click Edit Head Markup

5. Paste the <script> you copied in Fullview (step 2)

6. Now go back to the Installation page of your Fullview organization and copy the 2nd script, which will allow you to send the identity of your authenticated users into your Fullview organization.

7. Paste the <script> in the Salesforce Head Markup Editor

8.❗️ Replace the id, name, email,... properties with dynamic values from the customer object in Salesforce.


window.$fvIdentity = {

9. Press Save which will install Fullview in your product.

Step 2: Whitelist Fullview in your Content Security Policies (CSP)

Now you need to add the following policy directives to be able to run Fullview in your product.

1. In your site's Builder page, navigate to βš™οΈSettings | Security & Privacy

2. Change the Security Level from Strict to Relaxed CSP

3. Refresh the page.

4. Add Fullview's resources to your Trusted Sites by pressing Add Trusted Site
If you're already seeing a list of CSP errors, don't worry we'll solve them by following the steps below.

5. Add each of the following sites, one by one.

Site name


Fullview script-1


Fullview script-2


Fullview connect-1


Fullview connect-2


Fullview connect-3


Fullview connect-4


Fullview media


Fullview style-elem


Fullview font


6. Refresh the page and if you don't have other CSP errors, it means that Fullview is successfully installed and you can publish your website βœ…

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