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Salesforce <> Fullview Integration
Salesforce <> Fullview Integration
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The Fullview Salesforce App is designed to be used for record pages.

Once you have installed the Salesforce app, you can customize the record page (Contact, Case, Lead) and add our Fullview app on the Record page

You can install the app from Salesforce AppExchange,


As a prerequisite to use this functionality, you need to have a Fullview account and install Fullview in your Salesforce Service Cloud organization.

Learn How To:

Add Salesforce app to your page

When you first add the Fullview app to the record page, you may see that your Salesforce organization is not linked to a Fullview account.

After you click on the Link with Fullview button, you will be redirected to Fullview's app, where the linking happens.

Once completed, your Salesforce organization is linked to your Fullview account.

Launch a Co-browse session from within Salesforce

Once you have linked your Salesforce organization to your Fullview account, you will see the co-browse button and the replays for the selected record (Be aware that the record must have an email).

Clicking the Co-browse button will open a new tab and initiate a co-browsing session with the customer from the opened record.

Your end user will receive an invitation to join the co-browsing sessions.

Once they accept on their end, you will be launched into a co-browse call where you can navigate them on their screen.

Watch Session Replays from within Salesforce

Clicking on one of the Session Replays will open a new tab where the chosen replay will start playing, allowing you to understand what the customer did before reaching out to you

From the Session Replays page you can also view the console log and get more context into any issues your user might be having.

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