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Available for: Enterprise plan

Set up by: Company Admins

Fullview allows you to create custom user roles based on a set of permissions you can see below. This allows you to set granular permissions for each role, allowing you to decide who should have access to what resources, and making sure you and your team stay compliant.

By default, each organization has 2 user roles:

  • Admin

    • full access

    • including the editing of org settings

    • adding, approving, and deleting team members

  • User

    • can see all customers

    • can cobrowse

    • can watch all cobrowse recordings and session replays (if enabled)

    • view only access to the org settings and team list

List of permissions that you can assign to your custom Fullview roles:



Can cobrowse

Ability to initiate a cobrowsing session with any customer, hence all customers are visible to me in the customer list.

Can see all cobrowsing recordings

Ability to see all the cobrowsing recordings, made either by myself or my entire organization.

Can see cobrowse replays made by me

Ability to only see recordings of the cobrowse sessions made by me with a customer.

Can see shared cobrowse recordings

Ability to only see recordings of the cobrowse sessions that were shared with me or via the magic link.

Can share recordings and sessions

Ability to share cobrowse recordings or session replays I have access to.

Can see all session replays

Ability to see all session replays of all your customers.

Can see shared replays

Ability to only see sessions that were specifically shared with me or shared via the magi link.

Add users by email or link

Ability to add members into the organisation, via email or link, select their role, and approve the requests to join my Fullview org.

Can delete or edit users

Ability to edit a team member's name, role or removal of an account altogether.

Can see organization settings

View only access to the settings of my Fullview organization.

Can update organization settings

Ability to update the organization settings, like privacy settings, audio/video, authentication options, etc.

Can update billing plan

Ability to update the organization's billing plan.

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