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Okta <> Fullview Integration
Okta <> Fullview Integration
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Supported features

Single sign-on (OpenID Connect) is initiated via OKTA (identity provider flow).

Automatically creates user accounts in Fullview when Single sign on flow is triggered.

If user already exists we just perform the log in step.


  1. Install the Fullview application in your OKTA instance.

  2. One admin account on Fullview. If you haven’t already, sign up on Fullview and setup your organisation.

  3. Complete the steps below to set everything up.

Configuration steps

After installing the application, you need to obtain some information that you will have to send to Fullview.

Gather information from OKTA

  1. In the OKTA admin page, click on the Fullview application and then navigate to the Sign On tab.

  2. Copy the value of the Client ID field.

  3. Copy the OKTA domain. Look for the OKTA domain in the global header located in the upper-right corner of the dashboard.

Your OKTA domain looks like:




Send info to Fullview

Once you have all the information (summarized below), email it to

  • Client ID

  • OKTA Domain

Fullview will immediately handle your request and get back to you once the integration is configured.


You are now ready to select the members of your organization that should have access to Fullview and can launch Fullview directly from Okta.

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