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Redacting PII and sensitive user data
Redacting PII and sensitive user data
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Capturing DOM events can contain sensitive information, therefore Fullview's agent supports agent-side redaction of specific sensitive data. Data marked as sensitive can't reach Fullview's servers and thus is not available for analysis.There are 3 ways of redacting sensitive data:

  • by adding Fullview's universal masking class .fvRedact to the HTML elements that contain sensitive information
    eg: <input id="some-input" class="fvRedact" type="text" value="1">

  • by adding specific HTML selectors (i.e. .class or #id) to your Fullview settings

  • by setting general rules that prevent capturing data from all: input fields, images, selectors,…

If there are any DOM elements containing any of the 3 rules above, Fullview's agent simply skips to the next HTML element without reading the content of it, hence the data is not sent to Fullview's backend.

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