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Zendesk <> Fullview Integration
Zendesk <> Fullview Integration
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Now you can use Fullview directly from within your Zendesk support chat to watch session replays of your end user's activity, and start a co-browsing session to guide them.


As a prerequisite to use this functionality, you need to:

  • have a Fullview account

  • install Fullview in your product

πŸ’‘ Installing Fullview from the Zendesk Marketplace will be done only once by the Zendesk admin but each team member will have to authorize Fullview individually (step 5, 6, 7 below).

πŸ’‘ If you're sending a USER_ID in Zendesk, make sure that you send Fullview the same customer id in $fvIdentity. If you're only sending an EMAIL without an id, makes sure you send Fullview the same email in $fvIdentity.

Learn how to:

Integrate Fullview in your Zendesk chat

  1. From your the left hand menu on your home Admin Center, you can navigate to the "Apps and Integrations" menu.

2. From the dropdown menu here, you click on the Zendesk Support apps.

3. This will take you to the "My Apps" page, and from here you click there "Marketplace" button to be taken to the Zendesk apps marketplace.

4. In the marketplace, you will note that there are two apps, one is for the ticketing system, and the other is for the chat function. We recommend you install both.

If you don't see any of the 2 apps, search for Fullview in the search bar.

Step 4: Once Fullview has been installed, it will show up in your "My Apps" page.

5. Now you can open up a chat to authorize Fullview and give Fullview access to your Zendesk account.

6. When you allow Fullview access to Zendesk, it will give Fullview permission to start Co-browsing calls and pull in Session Replays into Zendesk.

7. Once you accept, you can go to your Zendesk account and start using Fullview from within your Zendesk support chat.

Launch Fullview co-browse and view session replays from Zendesk.

To launch a co-browsing session from within Zendesk, you can click on the "Co-browse with Fullview button on the right hand side.

This will open a new tab with your Fullview Dashboard with the user you want to connect to already pre-selected.

From here, you click the "Start Co-browsing button to launch a call with your user, which will prompt a call invitation on their screen.

Once they accept the call invitation, you will be in a co-browsing call together, where you can guide and help them to solve the problem.

Watch Session Replays of an end user on Zendesk.

To use the Session Replays feature from within Zendesk, you simply click on the relevant replay listed in your Zendesk chat.

This will open a new tab with the replay. You can skip straight to events that are tagged in the timeline, or share specific moments with your team members by clicking the share button.

And that's how you use the Zendesk <> Fullview integration to deliver a seamless and efficient support experience for your users!

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

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