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Intercom <> Fullview Integration
Intercom <> Fullview Integration
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Now you can use Fullview directly from within your Intercom support chat to watch session replays of your end user's activity, and start a co-browsing session to guide them.


As a prerequisite to use this functionality, you need to:

  • have a Fullview account

  • install Fullview in your product

πŸ’‘ Installing Fullview from the Intercom App Store will be done only once by the Intercom admin but each team member will have to pin Fullview in the Conversation page (step 2 below).

πŸ’‘ If you're sending a USER_ID in Intercom, make sure that you send Fullview the same customer id in $fvIdentity. If you're only sending an EMAIL without an id, makes sure you send Fullview the same email in $fvIdentity.

Learn how to:

Integrate Fullview with your Intercom org (for admin)

Go to Intercom App Store, select the Fullview app and click Install. The integration will apply to your entire Intercom org.

Pin Fullview app in the Conversation page (for all Intercom agents)

  1. Once you have installed Fullview, you can set up Fullview in your Intercom chat.
    Each member of your Intercom org needs to follow the following 2 steps to pin Fullview in their Chat page.

    To do that you open a chat, and then click the "Edit apps" button on the bottom of the menu on the right side.

  2. This will open a list where you can find the Fullview app, and click on it to pin it.

βœ… Success! Once the Fullview app has been pinned, you can see the co-browsing button on your right hand menu, and there will be a list of available session replays for that user's activity below it.

Launch Fullview co-browse and view session replays in Intercom.

To launch a co-browse from your Intercom chat, all you have to do to is to click the "Co-browse with Fullview" button in the menu on the right side of the chat window.

This will open a new tab, where you are taken to you Fullview Dashboard. You will be redirected straight to the user you are trying to connect with.

From here you click on the user, which opens the user details box on the right side, where you can click on the "Start Co-browsing" button to start the call.

When you click the button, your end user will receive a pop-up to accept the call.

Once they accept, you will be launched into a co-browsing session with the end user from you Intercom chat.

From here you can guide them, and view they console log and user activity.

Watch Session Replays of an end user on Intercom

You can also watch session replays of user's activity in your product directly from your Intercom chat, for full context about their issue without the need to ask for screenshots or exchange long paragraphs of text.

When you click on the session you want to watch, it takes you directly to that replay in a new tab.

That's how you use the Fullview <> Intercom integration to deliver a better support experience.

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