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Get Started with Fullview
Getting started with Fullview
Getting started with Fullview
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Welcome to Fullview!

We’re thrilled that your team has decided to use our product to deliver the best customer support experience possible.

We want to make sure you get a smooth start, so let’s get straight into what Fullview is, and how you can best use it to give your customers a delightful experience every time.

Here's a quick video intro into how Fullview works, and below you can find a more detailed description to help you get started.


As a prerequisite to use Fullview and all its functionalities, you need to have a Fullview account and have Fullview installed in your web app.

Note: Fullview does not currently work on incognito browser

Learn how to:

Start a co-browsing session

Starting a co-browsing session is straight-forward.

From your Customer Sessions list on the home page, you simply search for the user you want to connect with in the search bar.

Once you find the user you're looking for, you click the "Co-browse" button.

Initiate co-browsing session

When you start the co-browsing call, your user will receive an invitation to accept or deny the co-browsing session on their screen.

When your user accepts your invite on their end, you are launched straight into a co-browsing session.

From here you can view the console log on the right hand side, use the drawing feature to guide your user, or enable sharing of multiple tabs.

And that's it! That's how you launch a co-browsing session with your users.

Use Session Replays

Your Customer Sessions page is populated with all the Session Replays from all of your users.

To view a Replay from a specific user, you can search for them in the search bar.

Here you can also add filters to show you specific Replays, either by filtering for a specific user, or for other criteria like time/date, warnings, errors, rage clicks, etc.

You can also create custom views based on filters and labels, so you can easily access the Replays that are most important.

When you have found the user you want to view, click on the relevant Replay to start it.

When you open a Replay, you can view all console details, warnings, errors, and other relevant user data on the right hand side of the page.

If you have added a filter, you also get a list of all other Replays that match that filter on the right hand side.

If you have not added a filter, you will see a list of other replays.

In the Replay, the timeline is tagged with events, so you can jump straight to where an issue might have occurred.

You can also skip ahead or go back in 15 second increments, or share specific moments in the replay with the rest of your team by clicking the share button and choosing the specific time in the replay you want to share.

And that's how you use Session Replays to enable quick customer support, and faster troubleshooting.

Use the Console

The Fullview Console has two components; Console preview, and the Console during the call.

Console previews are linked to Session Replays, so you can get a console log of the session you want to watch by clicking on the specific session.

Once you're in a co-browsing call, you can view the Console to get a better understanding of the user journey.

You click the "Console" button. This will open up the user journey log on the right hand side.

The user journey log will show you every step your user took prior to the call, so you don't have to waste time on trying to replicate the issue.

You get a real time look into what is happening under the hood, and you can filter between All data, Errors, Network and system info.

Invite new members to your team

Now that you know how to use Fullview, you might want to be able to invite some of your team members to join your organization.

To do this, you navigate to your Teams page from you Customer Sessions page..

Once there, you can click the "Add" button.

Then you fill in the work email of your team member, and their role (admin, or user), and then click "Add" to send them an invite.

If you want to add multiple members at the same time, you can generate an invite link by clicking the "Generate invite link" button.

You can forward this link to all the members you want to add, so they can sign up.

That's how you get started with Fullview!

Our goal is to not only help you deliver the best customer support experience, but also to make sure you have the smoothest experience as a support agent.

If you have any feedback or question, dont hesitate to reach out to us on

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